Fighting pollution: The role of the maritime world

Whether it is pollution of the air or the oceans, the shipping industry has negatively impacted the state of the environment over the centuries. The world of maritime business is aware of the harm being caused, and also of the expanding measures that are being continuously put in place to reduce damage to the oceans and ports, whilst allowing the transportation of cargo to continue and grow.

Marine waste may appear in the form of: KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

  1. Ballast water
  2. Litter- eg. plastic bottles
  3. Oil spillage
  4. Sewage
  5. Greywater

MarPol, the international convention put in place to reduce the effect of marine pollution, has succeeded in making significant in-roads into establishing systems to limit the damage caused by shipping.

However, this continues to be a problem in West African ports, as well as in regions such as South East Asia where environmental management is limited and local efforts are required.

Trash-in-the-Ocean-Indonesia-640x350Indonesia is one of the world’s biggest ocean polluters yet many efforts are being put in place to change this, such as the cleaning of beaches and ports, and proposals to make Indonesia plastic bag free by 2018. However, the sustainability in Indonesian ports must be improved, as tourism and cargo imports are said to be the biggest challenges for the Indonesian governments. The archipelago struggles to sustain itself against the marine waste and the rising sea levels caused by global warming.

Although ports in these areas of the world lack resources and international support at times in this regard, they are the best placed to make effective change regarding marine pollution. Budd Group correspondents work with vessels and P&I Clubs to investigate claims relating to pollution incidents and to defend their interests whilst promoting efforts to improve the protection of marine environments with future plans, in the interests of the global population.

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