The maritime world is well-aware of the security problems along the coast of Nigeria. Theft, piracy, illegal importing and exporting of arms and goods are common occurrences in the ports, and the strain is felt by both the Navy and the economy.

Most recently, a piracy incident on Saturday 21st October in Port Harcourt resulted in the kidnapping of six crew members from the German-owned container ship, the MV Demeter.nigerian pirates 16x9

121 incidents of piracy have been reported so far this year by the International Maritime Bureau. They frequently involved shootings, kidnappings and hijacking of ships.

16 piracy attacks had been reported in Nigeria by June 2017, but only 4 of these have supposedly been successful.

This could be due to the fact that since the commencement of the Nigerian Navy’s Operation Tsare Teku, there has been a marked reduction in pirate attacks in Nigerian waters (Director of Information for Nigerian Navy).

With the support of NATO, BIMCO, ICS, INTERCARGO and INTERTANKO have produced these essential guidelines to protecting vessels against piracy in the Gulf of Guinea region:

The guidelines refer to version 4 of IMO’s Best Management Practices for Protection (BMP4):

Budd’s offices in the Gulf of Guinea are available to provide advice and assistance.

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