Forme 10- Chantier Naval de Marseille

A brand new dry-dock has been re-constructed from an old floating berth in the port of Marseille this year. This dock is a sensational and innovative development that is said to be able to hold mega-ships of up to 465 meters.

New developments made to the dock include:

  • A new floating gate with an opening width of 85 meters
  • Latest model pumping system and lifting facilities
  • Cranage of up to 150 tonnes
  • Ballast removal equipment and fresh water connections
  • Sewage plant
  • Full power supply.

Dry Dock no.10 is decidedly the biggest in the Mediterranean and one of the biggest in the world. It is likely to see business passing through it of all ship-owners and some very large container, cargo, tanker and cruise ships.

Millions have been invested into the port and its new docking system to ensure its full efficiency and fine-tuned functioning. The buzzing business hub of the shipping industry that is Marseille Port is sure to boom thanks to this latest investment in infrastructure.

Read more at:  (photo source)

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